Law no. 9,983 of July 7, 2000

Insertion of fake data into systems of information

Article 313-A. -An authorized public servant must not insert or facilitate the insertion of fake data, or alters systems of information, or improperly exclude correct data from these systems, or from any data banks of Public Administration, with the purpose of obtaining undue advantages, for himself or for other people, or causing any harm
Sentence – prison, 2 (two) up to 12 (twelve) years, and fine.

Non-authorized modification or alteration of systems of information

Article 313-B –A public servant must not modify or alter systems of information, or computer software, without authorization or order of a competent authority.
Sentence – prison, 3 (three) months up to 2 (two) years, and fine.
The sentences are increased by one third up to half of it if the modification or alteration performed cause harm to the Public Management or to any of its assets.