In Greek public order the Law 1805/1988 applies to cybercrime. This law has reformed or supplemented the respective law provisions of the Penal Code, articles 13c, 370b, 370c, 386A that refers to crimes committed with computers.

Penal Code Article 370C§2:
Every one who obtains access to data recorded in a computer or in the external memory of a computer or transmitted by telecommunication systems shall be punished by imprisonment for up to three months or by a pecuniary penalty not less than ten thousands drachmas, under condition that these acts have been committed without right, especially in violation of prohibitions or of security measures taken by the legal holder. If the act concerns the international relations or the security of the State, he shall be punished according to Art. 148.

If the offender is in the service of the legal holder of the data, the act of the preceding paragraph shall be punished only if it has been explicitly prohibited by internal regulations or by a written decision of the holder or of a competent employee of his.