State of Israel

The Computers Law of 1995


Damage to or disruption of computer or computer material
2. If a person unlawfully committed any of the following, he shall be liable to three years imprisonment:
(1) he disrupted the orderly operation of a computer or interfered with its use;
(2) he erased computer material, caused an alteration of it, disrupted it in any other manner or interfered with its use.

Penetration of computer material
4. If a person unlawfully penetrated computer material in a computer, then he shall be liable to three years imprisonment; for this purpose, “penetration of computer material” – penetration by means of communication, by connection to the computer, or by its operation, but exclusive of a penetration of computer material which constitutes monitoring under the Secret Monitoring Law 5739-1979.

Penetrating computer material in order to commit other offense
5. If a person committed an act prohibited under section 4, inorder to commit an offense under any enactment other rthan this Law, then he shall be liable to five years imprisonment.

Computer virus
6. (a) If a person prepared wrote software in a manner that enables it to disrupt or to cause damage to unspecified computers or computer material, in order to cause unlawful disruption or damage to computers or computer material, either specified or unspecified, then he shall be liable to three years imprisonment.
(b) If a person transmitted to another or introduced into another person’s computer software that can cause disruption or damage as said in subsection (a), in order to cause aforesaid unlawful disruption or damage, then he shall be liable to five years imprisonment.