The Organization of American States (OAS) has compiled a Portal on Cybercrime of the member states excisting cybercrime legislations, see for Peru.

Title V of Book Two of the Penal Code

Legislative Decree No. 635

Chapter XI

Computer Crimes
Article 208-A.
Any individual who inappropriately enters or uses a database, computer system or network, or any part thereof, to design, implement, copy or modify a scheme or similar item will be punished by imprisonment not to exceed two years or the provision of between fifty-two and one hundred-four days of community service.
If the agent acts with the purpose of defrauding or obtaining an economic benefit (goods or information), he or she will be punished by imprisonment not to exceed three years or the provision of community service in an amount no less than one hundred four days.

Article 208-B. Any individual who improperly interferes, uses, modifies, damages or destroys a medium or computer program or information in transit between or contained within the latter or in the base, systems or network, will be punished by imprisonment of no less than three not more than five years and a fine of between sixty and ninety days.