According to a draft amendment to the Penal Code in Sweden, denial of service attacks (DoS) will be made a criminal offence (february 2007).

A proposal for an amendments Act of the Penal Code has been presented in March 2005.

Penal Code Chapter 4, Section 9 c:
A Person who, in cases other than than those defined in Section 8 and 9, unlawfully obtains access to a recording for automatic data processing or unlawfully alters or erases or inserts such a recording in a register, shall be sentenced for breach of data secrecy to a fine or imprisonment for at most two years., unless the deed is criminalized in the Criminal Code or in the 1990 Protection of Trade Secrets Act. A recording in this context includes even information that is being processed by electronic or similar means for use with automatic data processing. (Law 1998:206)
Attempt and preparation shall be punished as stated in Chapter 23 of the Criminal Code, unless the completed crime would have been regarded as a petty.